Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 - Day 63 - Wedding Fare Day

Came back to Galway today in time for Sunday dinner at home with Mom and Dad in what is a ritualistic event at this stage where it does not matter almost whom is there for the day, the same amount of dinner is prepared anyhow ensure that if only a few people turn up you will have the choice of a ridiculously massive dinner, or if all the family arrive in at the same time that there will meerly be still too much food for those present. It is a fantastic system.

On the way down we looked at a hotel in Mayo, Westport. It was nice. It is on our definately maybe list. Then we got to Carraroe of course and there was a wedding fare there! It was in Ostan An CheathrĂș Rua. The place scrubbed up well and there was a nice positive feeling there from the hair and makeup, to dresses, the food etc etc. Everything you need for the day I guess. But to me our wedding seems SO FAR AWAY! Realistically, I know that, even though we have not set an actually date, the wedding is going to happen relatively soon.

But I will let future Donal worry about that....


  1. Future Donal will know what to do...

  2. Hehe, I think your parents and my parents have the same views on food quantity for family gatherings. That's cool that you are looking at venues and options! It is a lot of decisions, but fun, and whatever future Donal and Linda settle on will be great I'm sure.


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