Sunday, January 19, 2014

134 - Russian Mother inspires me to rant

I have a few friends that take photos. I know a girl who lives in Italy, Rome to be more specific and I look at the photos that she takes. She is a beautiful girl so for a start when she takes a photo with her in it, as long as it is in focus she is in a winner. As a backdrop she can shoot the Colosseum. She can shoot village towns with brown tiles roofs and  baby blue plastered walls.

In Ireland I have friends that can take amazing photos of the bogs and beaches and of the old buildings in the area and come up with some magical pictures.

I wonder about myself. Often I see a scene and I know, I know - that it is a great image. But I often find myself without a camera. So then I go out and I take my camera but then it almost does not feel right. Am I faking it?

Of course I am not faking it. Do not be a fool man. If I do see a good pictures now I have my camera I am prepared. There is nothing fake about that. In fact what I should do is go out more often with my camera with my camera and look for images. This girl that I know in Italy and the guy I know here - they go out on photo shoots all the time. So yes, that is the idea really, kind of totally obvious. You want to take a good picture, get out there. Of course what you see around the house might be your muse. Fine, shoot. Unless you are going to take pictures of scenery on the National Geographic Society your going to have to get off you ass. The beauty is there... but some times you have to look for it.

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