Friday, January 10, 2014

127 - Irish Man Going To Mars

For once I can link something useful from that national propaganda rag known as The Irish Times.

This link is worth watching even if you know about Joseph Roche - one of the people short(ish) listed to go to Mars, the red planet.

Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation that aims to get human civilization set up on the planet Mars. All this will be expensive and since most government on Earth have war, hunger and ignorance (politics) to deal with this Dutch foundation has basically set about doing it itself - the setting up of humanity on another planet that is.

So there is a guy, Joseph Roche, who simply applied to be one of the future Martians and the big news that came out today is that he made it past the first round. Pretty cool. Now with that said, I did hear on the news that he was one of 3 Irish people selected but there is no talk of these other people. Hmm, I guess that they are not actually resident in Ireland or that the news looked at the other 2 and realized that Mr Roche is the more likely candidate.
I would definately go. Mars One

Roche is an astrophysicist who works at the Science Gallery in Dublin and realistically knows what he is getting into better than most other people. 

So you gotta ask yourself the question. Would you go up to Mars. Most people I have asked so far have said no. Thing is, I would say no too, but that is because I have responsibilities here that I cannot avoid. But lets say, for an arm chair philosophy kinda question - had you NO responsibilities would you go? Roche admits that he believes it is a one way ticket. As in, they will go to Mars and not alone will they not return but because of the radiation levels on the planet they have a shorter life expectancy. 

The people I have spoken to said "imagine never seeing grass again, imagine never seeing the sky again". On Mars you will see a different landscape, a different sky. There is no meaning at all in anything except that which you give it yourself. 

I can tell you now - if I did not have any responsibilities here on Earth I would certainly, definitely, absolutely go. That is... if they would take me!

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