Thursday, January 2, 2014

119 - My Rasberry Pi

I got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas, however it is only today that I have gotten to fire it up. It is cool. There is a Linux operating system on it, so it can go online, run programs etc etc. Pretty much everything that Windows can do. Well, alot of what a major operating system could do I believe. However one thing that is on it is Scratch. It is cool.... you know Scratch? It is a way to teach programming to kids. You can make small games and have loops, if/else statements, moving sprites, and sounds in your game. So I sat down today and decided to make a game at last. I have used Scratch before but it is only now that I said to myself "I am going to make something proper". So I made a little game where you have to cross the screen and catch a little thingy without this horse touching you. Anyway, enough about that. 

So, how was new year celebrations? Linda told me this cool thing she saw Facebook. Pick a new skill to learn! Excellent idea, I am definately going to do it. But first I have to figure out what that means. Like really, when you think about it. What does a new skill mean? Do I have to learn how to weld? Learn CPR? So I am going to think about it for a few days, try to come up with something. If you have an idea feel free to put it my way. I would love to learn something that is kind of showing off. When I do it, people would be like "Damn, that is impressive". 

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