Wednesday, January 8, 2014

125 - Windows 8.1

I was working on a computer today and it had Windows 8.1 on it. Boy oh boy. 8.1. One might think that 8.1 is an improvement on 8.0. I have not used Windows 8, and I hate to think how bad it was. At least 8.1 had the Windows key added? I was pressing the Windows key on the keyboard but it was not bringing up anything. The person who owned the 8.1 machine said that it was really easy to use once you got used to it, but you should not need to get used to it. It is simply not intuitive. I tried to uninstall Norton off the machine but I could not for the life of me find an add/remove option for it. I did find an add remove option for an app that was in the new interface at the front end but not to get rid of the full application that was installed.

Windows 8.1 Terrible user experience. 

My question is, who exactly did Microsoft talk to when they were wondering if this was an intuitive system? No messing around. I found it really really horribly bad to use! With Apple OS sales holding, mobile phone use on the rise to the point where people are not getting even laptops anymore because their phone can do what they need and the likes of Steam OS on the way you gotta ask yourself, what are Microsoft thinking. 

Rather, are they thinking?

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