Tuesday, December 31, 2013

117 - Heavy Rain

There is no where better in the world to be when it is doing that really heavy rain than in the car. I was driving home in Carraroe around the twisty back road during a pelting rain storm. Well actually no, it was not a storm, it was pouring down, straight down and as I drove with my lights on full I could see huge rain drops sparkling all the way in front of me.

You know when you are in bed and you hear the wind and rain on the window, and you pull the duvet close up under your chin and you feel safe and cosy in the heat of the bed. I love that feeling. It is kinda the same when I'm in the car with the heat on, maybe some music, going around corners, nice driving, straights, nice big puddles to splash through. No rush anywhere. Just me and the rain.

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