Tuesday, December 17, 2013

101 - Christmas Market

Lucy setting up the table...
Boy did we have a busy day this Saturday. We had a table at the Christmas Market that was happening in Carraroe in the lovely new hall in the old Industrial Estate. There were 40 tables and my understanding is that they were all sold out. Santy came and the kids had tons of fun.

We had a table there of course with our little business Connemara Computer Clinic. We had a competition to win a hamper and an angry birds game. It was brilliant fun, but... it was tiring..

Sophie making up some posters advertising our angry birds game.
It began at 11am to the public but we were there since before 10am and it went on until 3pm although that seemed like hours and hours more than it actually was. But still an excellent day...

When we got home we began preparing things for Sophies party tomorrow!

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