Monday, December 30, 2013

115 - Holy Rusted Metal Batman

I was in church today at a family thing. I went in with my wife and kids. We all bustled up to the top of the church. We got the kids ready by taking of their jackets etc. I put a jacket on the empty space on the pew beside me and then

"Take off your hat!" A grumpy old man who obviously never actually really thought of the words of the gospel, or in reality never really listened to them saw it best to, instead of learning the teachings of the bible, instruct me on what I should be wearing in church. Now I get his point. In church take of your hat, respect, yahdi yahda.

Now this is on the back of the mass we were at yesterday where a woman bit the head of us because we "went the wrong way" on the way down to the corp criost.

Are these people the role models of the church? Am I meant to bow respectfully at these elderly citizens of the church and scream back their deaf old ears "excuse me! for I am surely a buffoon heathen and I am not privy to the many rules and regulations and customs of your cold little closed in society. Thanks for drawing my attention away from the entity you call the creator of the universe and of Man, he who is all knowing, infinity loving just so I can take of my hat, or indeed walk between the correct seats and please you O bigotted angry fart."

I know my god. I don't queue for it. I don't bow to it. I don't pay it money. When I was younger I thought that was the good in the bible. The more I go to church though the more I realise how very wrong I was.

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