Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bounce Rate...

My bounce rate is 70%

What does that mean. Well I have st up Google Analytics and it monitors my site cupantae.ie. Google Analytics set me what country the person that visited my site was from. It tells me how long they stayed on the site. It tells me basically everything that I need to know about the traffic that goes through my site. Now, when a person lands on my site and does not click any of the links on the page, in other words, they do not stay on my site at all (and in my case there are only a few lines of text on the site so I know that they simply find those lines either interesting and they click on them or boring and leave my site) this is called bouncing.

If I have a bounce rate of 100% that means that NO ONE clicked on any of the links on my site! At the moment I have a bounce rate of 70%... so 3 out of 10 people do like what they see when they land on the site and the click on more links. Now, I could make my bounce rate down to 10% if I wanted by putting links to sex sex sex, porn, fast cars, guns... but you know what... I am not that type of person.

Well, yet anyway...

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