Sunday, July 3, 2011

34 Years Old + X+Y Days

Its a day down at the beach. there is alot to observe.. look at. there is a seagull standing
down by the sea shore, looking around. hes probably thinking the same thing. there is alot to
see. and it nice and quiet, for some reason, there is no one here. i don't know where they are,
but they are not at the beach, maybe there is a game on or something. i am at the grave yard
beach in carraroe, beside the seagull there are two wooden polls and on the topof them are huge
signs say "Subsea Power Cable" and there is a picture of an anchor with a line through it that
means "Do Not Anchor Your Boat Here - You could feck up either your boat or the cable." Of
course wouldn't you know it, there is a boat anchored exactly where the cable must be. Water
cover I think 70% of the earths surface, why did he have to park exactly there!?

Makes you think about sign though. At this same beach there are more signs "Coasc or Dhumpáil
Fineail €3000" If you put "ail" after english word you have the new Irish language - see - no
need for the Acadamh afterall! But on the other signs on the beach say "No Campfires", "No
Tents", and "No Campervans". I think that is what they say. Thing is they are open to
inturruptation. They are only pictures. Course, maybe they should be written, you know, as in
in words "Do not set up tent here". But then again that is not fair becuase alot of the people
in the state of Ireland are not able to read, did you know that. Rest assured your not one of
them if you are reading this, don't worry. But it is the states respondsibility to ensure that
you can read.

So what would happen if I walked down to the beach, and I could not read - and because I do not
read I would not observe the campfire with a line through it, becuase studies have shown that
alot of people that cannot read are less inclined to observe signs because they are not in the
habit of it. Why would they be, you usually read signs. So you start a little fire, nothing
major, you not going to glass the earth or anything (Halo fans understand this - otherwise look
up the properties of Glass + Silicon + Beach Sand). So there I am with my little fire and a
Garda comes and fines me €3000. Which at the moment I cannot pay so I would have to get free
legal aid. And If i were not able pay for my fine at all I would have to be imprisioned I
guess, which is even more cost to the state. Of i would not be fined and I would be just let
go, which is a waste for the state toput up the sign at all in the first place.

So, even at the beach, when it is nice and quiet, no one around, there is alot to observe. I
observe how there is one sign that is really relevant seemingly that is being ignored (the boat
anchored over a line that could send him to the moon if he snags it) and I see a sign that
there is just too much administration in some cases. Who gives a good god damn if i have a fire
at the beach. And I would clean up after myself - but do you think that this sign is going to
stop people who would have messed up the beach otherwise from messing it up? Of course not.

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  1. Wow! a picture? Ok... now you are taking this blog thing to a whole new level! Can't wait to see what is next!


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