Monday, January 23, 2017

The sound of singing in the rain music

Saw these two films over the weekend. They were quite good. Great to be honest and a fine example of classic cinema. For some reason I hated musicals when I was growing up. I do not know why. I don't know if I have some strange associations with musicals and my childhood. I asked my mother if she had seen them when we were young and she said SHE had seen them a few times. So what was I doing?


In case it is not obvious what two films I am talking about, they are Singing in the Rain and The Sound of Music. The are linked just there to IMDB. Check them out on IMDB.

So I find it interesting, how come I never liked musicals growing up. I think it might be because I did not like the dancing. I did not appreciate songs too. Maybe when I was young I did not like films now that I think about it. I can't really remember seeing many films at home.

Look, my point is, if you have not seen these films give them a shot. Did you see them once and can't remember them? Give them a second chance. Set aside a few hours and watch it with someone. Your partner, your kids or your parent and siblings. Create something I wish I had more of from my youth. Some happy memories.

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