Saturday, January 21, 2017

Social Blade - Stats on youtubers and more....

My favorite YouTuber is probably Philip DeFranco. Let me think about that for a moment... hmmm. Yep I guess he is, there are other people that based on how I am feeling, what I want to know about etc I will go to, but the best all rounder has to be Philip DeFranco, for me that it.

So who is yours? Take a moment. Of course you might not have one, but I am going on the assumption that if you are smart and handsome enough, and pretty enough, and brave and witty enough to be reading this article that you have subscribed to someone on YouTube or that there is some YouTube that, while you may not have subscribed to, that you are at least a fan of, Think of that person, who are they.

Will for me it is Philip DeFranco. However, his username is sxephil. Note: you are not addressing the Queen in a formal letter - this is modern speak. So his username is not Sxephil. It is sxephil. Small s at the beginning. It annoys me when people throw in capital letter because they "feel" like it. Note again: they "feel" it as opposed to they are correct about it! I have been on YouTube for a few years. I have posted a few videos, and my username is donalodomhnaill. Now, you wanna know how much money I make on YouTube?

hmm C-. Social blade is a good reflection of alot of my schoolin. 

This is finally what this article is about. There is a brilliant website called Go there now in a new tab so you can come back here. So is for getting stats on people who are on social media. So you can find out about users on twitter, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. Try it out, you have two usernames for YouTube already. Mine: donalodomhnaill and Philip DeFranco: sxephil.

I am going to assume that you have of course gone to socialblade and put in our usernames. See who makes more money? Me or Philip. Well, yeah. DeFranco in that I am not monetized even. And I do not have 5 million subscribers. And I go not get a million views on my videos. Indeed my figures look pretty grim.

But it is a pretty cool channel is it not?

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