Thursday, June 4, 2015

Making A Game! - Part 2

So today I went over to a friends house and we looked at some Unity 5 stuff. I have made a main menu screen that is going to go with the main game that another person has made. More on that later on in the weeks to follow. I am looking forward to this other person to finish the bit he is working on so that I can finally just something on the Google Play Store at last. It will cost $25... around €20 I think.

So on my own game, the teddy bear game I think that I have a clearer picture of what I want to do. It is becoming clearer in my mind what has to happen. I must do some drawings and post them up here so we can see if my vision right now matches the finished version.

In Unity 5 there are sample bits of code available in the form of Sample Projects. One of them is a side scroller. I will have a look carefully at the code and simply copy as much as I possibly can. My aim here is not to reinvent the wheel at all, or to come up with beautiful code at all. No, my aim is to make a game, get it out there. If things go as planned with my friend that I am working with, I should have that game up on the Google Play store in around 2 weeks.

That would be progress.

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