Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Making A Game! - Part 1

I am going to make a game in Unity, a simple game. Really simple! I have to have something done and finished. I will make this game on the PC only, I am not worried about phone or pads or Linux or anything. I will get it finished on my PC.

AND I will set a time limit. Lets say... 2 weeks? That is reasonable. Two weeks. So today is the 2 June 2015. I have to have it finished on 16 June.

How many parts will be in this? I do not know but I do know what I want to from the game and they are as follows:

  1. Game must have at least 3 levels. Why? Well it will give me practice moving from one level to the other and there is a whole progression etc etc for the player. 
  2. Game must have pretty graphics... but all graphics that I have made myself. Why? This will give me practice in using blender. 
  3. Game must have sound... like various well placed sounds and a sound track. I am not doing this myself, why? Because working with sound is a whole other thing. For this thing I have a person who is going to help me, even if he does know it! (ahem brother in law Mark Smith). I will also use the plethora of websites out there that offer free sound mp3's. 
  4. Game must have some kind of story, you have to care about what is happening in the game! I am not even going to ask why in this one. It is obvious. 
So the question is now, what kinda game will I make? A vertical side scrolled? A top down game? A first person shooter? A car racing game? If I do not pick out the type of game I want to make literally nothing will happen. I like the whole side scroller idea. Wouldn't it be cute if I had a teddy bear trying to get home! Fantastic! It is cute, touching (who hasn't loved and lost a teddy bear) and there is definitely a story there. 

Okay, side scrolling teddy bear adventure it is then... 

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