Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Made my first unity game today!

So finally I have got what can be called technically a "game". There are no instructions with it, it is effectively only one level. Hmm, what else, oh yeah, if you go to fast you will fly out of the level. Seriously there are more things wrong with it than there are correct. But it is still a bad game as opposed to a potentially good game that does not exist!

There is ALOT of polishing that needs to happen. I am talking seriously alot, assuming that I just want to keep my one "level" and not have more levels, but have that one level nice and playable then I would say that I am around 20% through what should be done on it.

However, it is now 5am... it was 5am when I went to sleep last night too, but I had fallen asleep by mistake whilst at the computer. Today I stayed awake so there was considerably more work done! :)

I have called the game "Ball Chomper" and did not realise how bad it sounded until I had finished building it. Ahh, who cares. Download the game here, tell me what you think!

Escape - Exit the game
R - Correct yourself if and when you fall over
W - Forward
S - Backward
A - Left
D - Right

Write to me and tell me what you think of my game, it will be getting better and this is all an exercise in my learning of Unity so I know that if you think it is rubbish that you are okay to say so... oh boy, the 5am-ness is kicking in I think.

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