Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Unity Game Developer and Maya

I have begun working on my little game and I have realised the scope that I am looking for. That scope is the following : not much.

It is a mistake I used to make again and again when pretty much everything in my life before this point. I would begin something and then not finish it. I have realised now that there is so much more satisfaction in beginning, middling, and finishing something in one turn. That turn might of couse be a few moment or it might take a few weeks. But not to start any other project in between. Keep learning other stuff, but you know, when it comes to the one big thing that is one your mind... finish it.
Unity Game Engine and Maya Ship

So that is what I am doing. I have gotten my little Maya created ship in the game, I have it moving. I can do some things with it. I have to make some balls for it to hit and then make them disappear when I get them. Add a timer because the whole thing is meant to be a race kinda map... I am very confusing at the moment but it will all become clearer later on.

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