Tuesday, February 11, 2014

156 - White Collar Boxing

Mali and Dianne... about to challenge someone to fistycuffs

I was in the audience of a night of boxing this evening. It was cool. We were with the kids and some friends supporting my sister who was White Collar Boxing - which suggests ladies and gentlemen boxing. Not that non white collar boxing is any less lady-like or gentleman-like.

Ahh classic Red vs Blue.

Ann in the red and Mali in the blue..

Two lads fighting it out...

So anyway, the night was cool. It was good fun. The large hall that we were in was fairly packed and full of all ages of well behaved women and men. The whole night was good fun, I loved it, kids loved it, everyone loved.

And finally... the hot chick :)

I want to say one last thing about the photographer that STOOD ON THE STAGE for the last nine fights and who GOT IN THE WAY ALL THE TIME. If you know him... tell him to stop ruining events on people and making both kids and adults alike unhappy... I came to the fight to see boxing and the hot chick... not your ass... seriously.

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