Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting a game for the PC

There are a few ways to get a game for your PC... note that in the title of this post I did not call it, "Purchasing a game for the PC" I called it "Getting...."

First way is to download the game though a torrent. Go to a site like like, look for the product you are looking for (anything and everything will be here so be carefull if you know what I mean) in the search bar on the top of the page, ensure that you have utorrent downloaded and installed before hand and bang you are away.

Second way is to purchase the game in a shop. You walk in to the shop and speak to a human, you hand over your plastic card or paper cash and gives you a physical disk in return.. you have your game.

Third way is to download the game (legally this time!) through an online store. I am going to say, but it is open to disagreement, that there are two major players here. First is Steam - hundred of top quality games can be found here and Steam is owned by Valve that have the Half Life game franchise as their cash cow. The second is the newer Origin by EA (Electronic Arts). Now while Valve is a famous and big enough software development company they are nothing in size and mass to EA. Value is the X-Wing to the EA Deathstar... it is the speed of sound to the speed of light that is EA... you get the picture. Both have website that are worth checking out so that you will be in the know if you are not already...

Steam is at

Origin is at

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