Wednesday, October 19, 2011

X-Ray Vision

While we are a long way from popping on your x-ray vision glasses and watching what your neighbours are up to by "looking" at them through the wall the boffins at MIT have invented an x-ray machine that shoots over 40 beems of radiation through a wall. In the process of doing this around 99% of the energy of the radiation is lost but enough of it comes back bouncing off people that are inside the room you are looking at. Again, when the signal bounces back through the wall again around 99% of the energy is lost again leaving the remaining radiation that is picked up again by the machine that shot it in the first place very low... but it is still enough energy to be able to pick is signature image of a moving (assuming it is moving) person or animal.

Want a better explination! Go here and the coolness in action.,news-12921.html

While this is very primitive at the moment think of what this will be like in 10 years!

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