Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How big is our sun... small, thats how big!

I came across this YouTube video today... look at it... it puts into perspective how small Earth is... how tiny we are in the Universe... now, people go on alot about "we're nothing compared to the nature" or "we know nothing about the Universe" or "when you see how big the Universe is only God could have made it!"

I am not saying any of those because I am of course a pantheist. What I am saying is... Cooooooooool.... the Universe is amazing and beautiful...

You know what, I am going to throw the defination of Pantheism in here as well...

"Pantheism is the view that the Universe (Nature) and God (or divinity) are identical.[1] Pantheists thus do not believe in a personal, anthropomorphic or creator god. The word derives from the Greek (pan) meaning "all" and the Greek (theos) meaning "God". As such, Pantheism denotes the idea that "God" is best seen as a process of relating to the Universe.[2] Although there are divergences within Pantheism, the central ideas found in almost all versions are the Cosmos as an all-encompassing unity and the sacredness of Nature."


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