Sunday, May 8, 2011

34 Years Old + 235 Days


Today was the Royal Wedding Day of William and Kate. I have no idea what they are the Prince and Princess of, but for the record I think that it is really cool that England is carrying on this tradition of Royal weddings, anyone thought that really knows me knows that I really believe that the monarchy is not run properly in England. Are some a nazi scum wannabe? Happy slapped someone and robbed their mobile phone? Rapist feeling a bit horny? Chop off the offending appendage in each case. What is the government for? Try to make sure the badness does not happen in the first place, but if it does, do something about it. William, grow a pair of balls. Don't let spitting image make a mockery of you. Respect is earned in alot of ways, but none as sure as fear. When I hear someone in Carraroe complain about the queens visit later on May this year I first roll my eyes to the heavens on hearing it, and I hang my head in shame in thinking of the lack of respect people have for the Queen in England.

Interesting, I got a comment on this post before the post was even finished! :) Yes, I watched it kinda in the background. I looked at it in a "oh, what this could be" kind of way...


  1. Did you watch it?

  2. Lol... that just shows you how dedicated of a reader I really am! ;)

  3. LOL Donal you want prince william to rule with fear?! can you imagine someone who looks so like Ryan being like that?


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