Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sweet Resistance - Game Jam 8 Entry

So the other day myself and my daughter attended a GameJam in Galway city (Ireland). She's 11 and so I was really happy with what she came up with considering that she made 100% of the graphics on the game. She did alot of the "coding" too, I did help out with that. It was a 12 hour gaming session so I was really impressed that she kept her head the whole time, nice and focused, we would take a break, walk around town, then go back bust out some game development.

The reason I say "coding" is because the game is make using scratch. Scratch is IDE that enables you to create a game and post it directly to the scratch website. Look, the point here is that you can simply the game by clicking on the link below. The only thing is that you must press the green "Play" flag to kick off the game.

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