Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Remembering someones birthday

There was a time when you were young and it always happened that your birthday was remembered. Main reason being that you were reminding said people for weeks or months beforehand. But as you got older, you began to approach that sometime sad, lonely era when people do not acknowledge your birthday at all. People do not acknowledge your birthday for a range of reasons: you have scummy friends that do not care about you, your friends are too busy and they simply forgot or maybe you genuinely do not want people to know or they know that you do not want to know about your birthday.

That has changed in recent times with social media. This morning I got a message from Facebook reminding me that one of my friends Katie was a year older today. It was her birthday. That is a great achievement to grow older! Think about the opposite! You should embrace each birthday. If you have a fear of dying then your birthday should mean all the more.

Something that bothers people is how much they have achieved in their lives. As Thomas Kinsella said we "are not made whole that reach the age of Christ". That is 33 by the way. But those issues are not with your birthday, they are to do with your inner peace with yourself. My point is, if you can read this you are alive. Who cares what you have achieved, what your status is in life. If it is your birthday I say,


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