Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ever hear of mailinator? It's great - if you need it.

In work I have the situation where I need to create email addresses all the time but then not necessarily use them again afterwards. A colleague told me about Mailinator as a solution to my problem of having to mail my own email accounts for work business.

I tested mailinaor like this, I went into mailinator.com and created a username and then went to my gmail and mailed my new mailinator account. I checked mailinator.com second later and the mail was there.

For my second test I simply mailed myself to a just make up address like carraroeisgreat@mailinator.com using my gmail account and checked mailinator by putting in the name carraroeisgreat and the test mail was there.


Why am I telling you all this? Well you know sometimes you might need a link to be sent to you from a website you are signing up to and you do not want to use your "proper" email address or you know what, there are a million reasons. I suggest you have a look.

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