Thursday, October 27, 2016

Here is a face I drew.

Not great but the fundamentals are there. I used the website
It is interesting when you look at the website how much method is behind it. I often think of that when drawing (I do not draw half enough). The face below is simply shapes. Draw this oval. Divide it into quarters. Draw lines that divide the image up more. Animals find beauty in symmetry. If a face is symmetrical then the odds are that the DNA in the parent was healthy and so we are instinctively drawn toward beauty. When people saw beauty is skin deep they are wrong, it is as deep as the very fiber of your being. So that is one of the most important thinks to remember when drawing a face, symmetry. Straight on is the easiest way I think.. like the image below, difficult art comes in when shots are taken above and to an angle or the like. I have been watching a lot of Pokemon lately and I am always impressed by the art. It is so great, whatever the opinion of even the most close minded might think about the series, the story, voice etc it can't be argued that the art is anything but great. And with that said, Pokemon is just a drop in the ocean. There are so many animations and anime and manga out there with brilliant art. I like to attempt to draw something well every now and again (the image below is not one of those times) in order to appreciate the skill that others have. Some people who make drawing look as easy as others find to criticize it.

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